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Integration vicar invites you to the first International Family Service

19.05.2021 Tíðindi

This Monday, Whit Monday, Klaksvík’s Christianskirkjan church will host its first English-language family church service.

The Church of the Faroe Islands has appointed Marjun Lómaklett as the country’s first integration vicar. Based at the Ziskatrøð vicarage in Klaksvík, Marjun can be contacted at or by phone at 237345.

By Helena Kannuberg,

Marjun Lómaklett has held the position of integration vicar in the Church of the Faroe Islands since 1 February this year.

Having spent the first few months of her new job learning about the country’s immigration community and how best to organise this new service, Marjun is now preparing the first in a series of English-language church services for families with a non-Faroese background.

”It is my hope that the International Family Service will help build bridges between all our citizens, the Church and society as a whole,” she explains.

“I also hope that this will give newcomers a chance to get to know other newcomers as well as other Faroese people and that this will help them find their feet in their new country.”

By offering English-language church services to those who are at the early stages of learning Faroese, Marjun hopes to ease the transition for these people to eventually be able to enjoy church services conducted in their new language, Faroese.

“After the service, we invite everyone for coffee and cakes in the church cellar. I hope to meet as many people as possible to hear about their backgrounds and their life stories,” she says.

“I want all newcomers to know that they are welcome to contact me if they require any help on practical or spiritual matters.”

The International Family Service at the Christianskirkjan church in Klaksvík starts at 2pm on Whit Monday, 24 May.