Skriva út


If you have questions regarding confirmations, feel free to contact your integration vicar Marjun Lómaklett ( or phone 237345) on or your local vicar (LINK)

The most common age for confirmation is 13-14; however, there is nothing that prevents older children or adults from being confirmed.

Prospective confirmands are registered well in advance of the confirmation. Those who have not been baptised or who are not registered in the parish where the confirmation will take place are required to present a certificate of baptism to the vicar.

An inherent feature of the confirmation is that one cannot be confirmed without first having been baptised. Those wishing to be confirmed are therefore required to get baptised prior to the confirmation. The preparation time is determined in accordance with each confirmand’s circumstances, although a minimum preparation period of 48 hours is recommended. Confirmations are to take place in spring or autumn.

The word ’confirmation’ means to affirm, seal and strengthen the covenant created in baptism.

The confirmands affirm their faith in the Trinity and that, with the help of God, they will commit to the baptismal covenant. God seals the baptismal covenant and strengthens the confirmand through His holy spirit.

In the old days, Holy Communion was only available to those who had been confirmed. Today, however, non-confirmed persons are welcome to take the Lord’s Supper since, through baptism, we all become fully-fledged and equal members of the congregation.

Optional, not mandatory
Confirmation is not mandatory in the Church of the Faroe Islands; however, most members opt for confirmation. Studying the scriptures with confirmands is regarded as a key element of the church’s Christian teachings.