Skriva út


If you have questions regarding baptism, name and marriage certificates, feel free to contact your integration vicar Marjun Lómaklett ( or phone 237345) on or your local vicar (LINK).

Baptism, name and marriage certificates are exclusively issued by the vicar who keeps the parish register or the church offices in Hoyvíkar kirkja (Tórshavn), Havnar kirkja (Tórshavn), Vesturkirkjan (Tórshavn) and Christianskirkjan (Klaksvík).

These certificates are available Faroese and English.

Most vicars do not operate on regular office hours, and they can generally be contacted any time of the day. An overview of vicars is available here. For church office opening hours, visit the following church websites: Hoyvíkar kirkja - Havnar kirkja - Vesturkirkjan - Christianskirkjan.

Baptism certificates can only be issued in the child’s home parish. If the child is Christened outside of its home parish, it is possible to issue baptism certificates in both parishes. Name certificates can only in the parish where the child was born and named. Marriage certificates are available from the vicar/church office in the parish where the wedding took place.

Death certificates (and in some cases estate administration, etc.) are available from the vicar/church office in the parish where the deceased person is buried and/or was a resident.

If parents with children registered as born and Christened/named abroad want a Faroese baptism/name certificate, they should contact the authorities of the country where this service took place. The same applies to couples who got married abroad and wish to renew their marriage certificate.